Our Aircraft

ACE selected the Italian Blackshape BS-100 Prime because of the unique military “look and feel”. This new generation, very light, fully carbon fiber aircraft offer flight characteristics which are ideal for training and Air Combat. The cockpit is well-arranged, modern and the interior is in Italian standard fully leather finish. Unique are the tandem seats and “bubble canopy” offering a near 360 degrees view like the F-16. As student you will be seated in the front which will feel like flying solo.

Although the Blackshape is a propeller airplane, it behaves, due to the direct controls, throttle left and stick in the middle combined with the small wings, like a small jet. The aircraft is very aerodynamic and has a retractable landing gear resulting in being one of the fastest in its category. You will be amazed by the smooth flying characteristics and aggressive maneuver potential. The turn rate is twice the turn rate of the F-16!

ACE will make your dream come true!